No Tears For The T-50


A In late March Russia finally admitted that they were having serious problems with their new “5th generation” T-50 (or PAK-FA) stealth fighter. The admission came in the form of a decision to cut the number of production T-50s to be built by the end of the decade from 52 to 12. Russia already has five development models of the T-50 flying, although one was damaged in a fire. The Russian announcement did not cover specific reasons for the change. But Indian Air Force officials have been criticizing the progress of the T-50 program for over a year.

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Yuri Slusar: UAC is stating deliveries of a pilot batch of T-50 fighters to Russian Ministry of Defense


United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) is stating deliveries of a pilot batch of T-50 (PAK FA) fifth-generation fighters to Russian Ministry of Defense, president of UAC, Yuri Slusar, told RIA Novosti.

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FGFA, MTA priority projects with India – Mikhail Pogosyan


Joint projects with India such as the fifth generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) and a multirole transport aircraft (MTA) are priority projects for Russia, president of Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Mikhail Pogosyan said on Tuesday.
“The projects of a fifth generation fighter jet and a military transport plane reflect our strategy on creating present-day high-tech products in cooperation with our partners,” Pogosyan said.

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The Russian Knights will demonstrate their aerobatics mastery at Airshow China 2014.

The Russian Knights aerobatic team has qualified to perform on Tuesday at Airshow China 2014, Russian Air Force representative, colonel Igor Klimov said.

“The Knights carried out a qualifying flight in Zhuhai and examined the region of upcoming flights. The training took 30 minutes; they flew in groups of five, four, and in a pair and also rehearsed individual aerobatics under both normal and adverse weather conditions. The qualifications commission consists exclusively of Chinese specialists who admit pilots to performance”, he conveyed.

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Who needs to down the FGFA?

The spate of negative articles in the Indian media about the defence cooperation with Russia, especially concerning the FGFA project, indicates behind-the-scenes hectic attempts by Rafale lobbyists.

There is a buzz in the air about New Delhi’s intentions of shooting down the 2007 agreement with Moscow for the joint development of fifth generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) or at least put it on the hold to generate the funds for financing the Rafale deal with France.

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PLA Air Force may upgrade radar of its Su-30MKK fighters

To compete with India’s Sukhoi Su-30MKI fighters, the People’s Liberation Army Air Force may consider replacing the RLPK-27VE integrated radar targeting system of its Sukhoi Su-30MKK fighters with more advanced passive electronically scanned array radar according to the Moscow-based Military Parade magazine…

Venezuela considera la compra de cazabombarderos Sukhoi


Venezuela está considerando la compra de un nuevo lote de cazabombarderos fabricados por la firma rusa Sukhoi, para reforzar la flota de la Aviación Militar venezolana, según anunció la ministra del Poder Popular para la Defensa, almirante en jefe Carmen Meléndez Rivas, en declaraciones reseñadas por el canal privado Venevisión…