Expert: J-10 more suitable for Argentina


BEIJING, February 11 (ChinaMil) – The “Chengdu FC-1 is a light fighter developed by the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd specifically for the market in the third world countries. Its advantages include a high performance-price ratio, with a unit price of only more than 30 million U.S. dollars,” said Xu Yongling, China’s meritorious test pilot of J-10 and air force theory expert.

However, Xu Yongling also pointed out that the Chengdu FC-1 originated from J-7 after all, it is not a fourth-generation warplane in a strict sense, thus with relatively low operational effectiveness.

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Russian engine caused crash of J-10B fighter, says Duowei


The crash of a J-10B fighter equipped with a Russian-built AL-31FN engine in Chengdu in Sichuan province on Nov. 15 suggests that it is necessary for China to speed up the development of its own engines, according to Duowei News, a media outlet operated by overseas Chinese.

China is currently unable to design and produce an adequate engine for its advanced fighters. To solve this problem, the Shenyang Liming Aircraft Engine Company’s WS-10 Taihang engines have been used for some of the J-10B fighters of the PLA Air Force. However, China has to import Lyulka-Saturn AL-31FN turbofan engines from Russia to power the majority of its J-10 fighters before Taihang engines become reliable enough to be used throughout the fleet.

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JF 17 deputy project director says No to J 10B, But open to 5th Gen Fighter


What has been said in whispers is now confirmed that Pakistani air force is unlikely to procure Latest Chinese 4th Generation J-10B fighter aircraft
, Air Commodore Khalid Mehmood who is also Deputy project director for JF-17 Thunder in a recent interview to Air Force monthly has confirmed
that Pakistani Air Force is unlikely to get their hands on Latest DSI (Diverterless supersonic inlet) variant of J-10 fighter aircraft dubbed has J-10B…