Gripen: Brazil postpones signing of the contract


The contract should have been signed in late June. It has been extended to this week when negotiations led to date to the end of October. What is preventing the signature is pressure of the economic team of the Brazilian government asking for a reduction of Interest rates on financing.

The Brazilian Defense Minister assured that despite budget cuts, there will be no retreat of the purchase, but the leasing of the C / D version may be canceled in favor of the acquisition of simulators.


Brazil signs $245 mln deal for arms on Saab fighter jet


(Reuters) – Swedish planemaker Saab AB said on Friday it had signed a $245 million deal with Brazil’s defense ministry to supply arms for the Gripen NG fighter jet, adding to a $5.4 billion order for 36 aircraft finalized in October.

Saab said it would book the order in the second half of this year, after getting export clearance. The company did not say which arms would be provided for the fighter jets or which other suppliers would be involved.


Saab and Embraer Establish Partnership for Joint Programme Management


Following the Memorandum of Understanding announced on 11 July 2014, Saab and Embraer have today signed an agreement that establishes a partnership for joint management of the F-X2 Project for the Brazilian Air Force. The partnership agreement is part of Saab’s commitment to deliver industrial co-operation in relation to the F-X2 project. Under this agreement, Embraer will have a leading role in the overall programme performance of the programme. Embraer will also undertake an extensive share of work in the production and delivery of both the single- and two-seat versions of the Gripen NG, Brazil’s next-generation fighter jet.

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Warplanes: Gripen Abides


Sweden “recently” announced another export customer for its JAS 39E Gripen jet fighter. This time it was Brazil, which ordered 36 aircraft. This is the largest export order so far. Most of the other five export customers received only 14 aircraft, and often on lease, not purchase. Brazil is buying the Gripens for $150 million each (including spares, training and support). The Brazil sale might still be cancelled, but that appears unlikely. Some Brazilian pilots are already on their way to Sweden for training. Since the JAS 39E won’t enter service until 2018, Brazil will lease eight JAS 39Cs for training.

One recent (2013) sale of 22 Gripens was subsequently cancelled. This was a real disappointment because that sale came after a very contentious and expensive competition involving the Gripen, the French Rafale, and the Anglo-German (mainly) Eurofighter. Most of the secret evaluations of the three fighters were leaked to the media and provided some interesting insights on all three aircraft.

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Consecuencias del referendum suizo contra el Gripen en Brasil y Uruguay

… Para Uruguay las noticias no son ya tan buenas, dado que su Fuerza Aérea preseleccionó a los F-5 suizos que serían relevados por las aeronaves suecas, como el primer candidato a substituir a sus viejos A-37B…

Finland Builds Multiple Defense Partnerships With NATO, Sweden


…“Our collaboration with Sweden must entail rational projects. This is not a question of industrial policy but of defense policy. While I advocate cooperation with Sweden, I do not see why we should buy Gripen fighters when we could acquire American F-35 stealth fighters for approximately the same price. Performance must take precedence in this investment.”…|newswell|text|World%20News|p