Air Force: If A-10s stay, F-16s headed to the boneyard


WASHINGTON — The Air Force will send some perfectly fine fighter jets to the boneyard or delay its F-35 Lightning II rollout for a year if Congress blocks retirement of the A-10 Thunderbolt, according to a document recently provided to military oversight committees.

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Protect “Our” Troops


Simply put, the A-10 is the best plane ever designed to support troops in combat. By any nation, anytime. The U.S. Air Force is trying for the second year in a row to get rid of it; there are holes in their arguments.

The A-10 was uniquely designed to assist ground troops in battle. In an age of jets that can fly very high and very fast, this one works low and slow. Instead of going Mach 2, it usually flies at 350 mph. It can enter a combat zone and access what is happening, rather than whisk by and drop bombs on GPS coordinates. And once engaged, it can stay and loiter, unlike any other fixed wing jet airplane in the modern inventory.

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The battle to kill the A-10


The Air Force is on the attack to eliminate the beloved A-10, insisting that the venerable Warthog is not the only airframe up to the close-air support task.

To press the point, service leaders showcased a group of fighter pilots, who described their CAS missions in other aircraft. But opponents on Capitol Hill, and troops on the ground, aren’t having it, and the service faces an uphill battle to cut the jet and bring its beleaguered F-35 online in time.

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Grounding A-10s will save $4.2 billion, decision ‘clear’: USAF general

For months, US Air Force officials have used the adjective “hard” to describe their decision to ground entire fleets of aircraft in response to budget cuts. But on 23 April, USAF chief of staff Gen Mark Welsh says a review of the service’s options showed “very clearly” that grounding its Fairchild Republic A-10s is the right choice…