Marine F-35B conducts first operational testing at sea


The multi-role aircraft, which sports electronic warfare, ISR and kinetic attack capabilities, is the linchpin of the Marine Corps’ future amphibious strike capability. It will be a vital tool for the service that serves as the nation’s go-to crisis response force, said Lt. Gen. Jon Davis, the assistant commandant for Marine aviation, while observing the testing that began May 18 and will continue through May 29.

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GX-6 to boost China’s anti-submarine capabilities


China’s new GX-6 anti-submarine patrol aircraft appears to be ready for action, reports China’s nationalist Global Times tabloid.

Citing leaked photos posted on a military forum, Global Times claims that the GX-6, which has been modified from the Y-8 medium-size medium-range transport aircraft produced by Shaanxi Aircraft Corporation, has recently begun supporting troops from the PLA’s Naval Air Force.

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Australia: We want shipborne F-35s!

The Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force will operate a shipborne version of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II stealthy fighter jet. Australia’s Defence Minister David Johnston told The Weekend West the second week of May 2014 that the government is considering buying the B-model, the same variant as the US Marine Corps is getting…