Model of aircraft carrier in Central China raises questions


Satellite images provided by Google Maps indicated that China is apparently building a model aircraft carrier on land at an unknown place in Central China, according to China’s nationalistic tabloid Global Times on Jan. 22.

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PLA’s J-11 fighter rumored to have upgraded avionics

China’s mainstay J-11A jet fighter has been refitted with an upgraded avionics packages to warn of incoming missiles, according to a report published Friday by Shanghai-based news website New Outlook.

The web portal suggested that several protruding additions observed on either side of the fuselage and in front of the cockpit canopy, in photos released by China Military Online, a website sponsored by the People’s Liberation Army, may be sensors for an ultraviolet band-based missile approach warning system.

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2014 is an unlucky number for the J-20: defense expert


The reason China did not assign the serial number 2014 to one of its six J-20 prototypes is because four is considered an unlucky number from the perspective of traditional Chinese culture, reports American military expert Richard D Fisher Jr in London-based Jane’s Defence Weekly on Jan. 6.

By allowing the public to know the existence of its two additional J-20 fifth-generation stealth fighters in November and December of 2014, the ambition of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force to put the aircraft into operation between 2017 and 2018 was revealed. Among those six aircraft, two of them are designed as technology development craft with 2001 and 2002 as their serial numbers. Four other modified versions of the J-20 then emerged in 2014.

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Russia refuses to sell China Tu-22 bomber

Russia has recently rejected China’s request to purchase Tu-22 Supersonic strategic bombers to replace the PLA’s Cold War-era H-6 strategic bombers, according to Moscow’s Russian Military Analyst on Jan. 3.

Large and slow, the H-6 bomber presents a relatively easy target for US and Russian air defenses. China currently operates 100 H-6 bombers based on Soviet Tu-16 strategic bombers purchased from Moscow in 1958. By fitting the H-6 with Russian built D-30KP-2 engines and advanced avionics, the Xian Aircraft Industrial Corporation built the upgraded version of the H-6 bomber called the H-6K.

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